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WOL Saturday: PCO, 2019 comebacks, Seth Rollins' heel turn


It's time for another Saturday edition of Wrestling Observer Live with Jim Valley.

PCO was perhaps the most inspirational story of 2018. A year later, the story climax of him winning the ROH title from Rush at Final Battle 2019 should have been longer and should have told a beautiful story of overcoming the odds. Maybe there were factors related to the company that took focus away from booking. Maybe a longer build was never the plan. I talk about Final Battle results and what they could mean for the future of ROH. Whatever that may be.

SmackDown was so boring Friday night -- I actually fell asleep before it ended. It didn't matter. Nothing really happened.

In the past, pro wrestlers would get mad and turn heel because their partner was weak, they wanted to make more money or they were terrible sadists who simply loved to inflict pain and injure people. Seth Rollins turned heel BECAUSE OF THE FANS!

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