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WOL Saturday: Rush, CMLL drama, CM Punk


On this week's Saturday Wrestling Observer Live with Jim Valley, we talk about the new ROH World Champion Rush, his departure from CMLL, CMLL's swift response, and the controversies and political ramifications surrounding the separation.

In addition, CM Punk could be heading back to WWE television. Is it a good idea? I think so. Hear why I think it's a smart move for Punk and WWE. Last week I talked about AEW and the need for an improved PR strategy. That issue has since turned out to be a big deal for the company on Twitter.

his upcoming week promises to be one of the most historic weeks in wrestling history. I lay out what I think you can expect from AEW and why you need to give this company time to grow and find its rhythm. Plus, WWE Crown Jewel, Edge, RoboCop, Samu and much more. 

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