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WOL Saturday: SD, JR, Stardom changes, AEW women's division


On this week's Saturday edition of Wrestling Observer Live, I talk about a weird SmackDown on FOX even by modern WWE standards. At times it felt more like it was 1995 with Roman Reigns as Diesel and King Corbin as King Mabel. Plus was shaving Daniel Bryan a bait and switch after WWE promised a new face Friday night, the new Universal title for The Fiend, and the returns of Alexa Bliss, Elias, and Sheamus.

I explain why I think people need to back off and go a little easier on Jim Ross and his commentary. My reaction to the Wrestling Observer's report on Stardom's choices for its new signature stars going forward and the retirement of Hazuki. My answer to a Twitter question about the AEW women's Division, why I am willing to give it a little more time to develop, and what I think would help to speed things up. 

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