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WOL Saturday: SmackDown, NXT, where is Triple H?


It was the lowest-rated SmackDown on FOX since moving to the channel. Like everyone, I disliked the terrible opening segment and the ridiculous dog costume. After that, while the show was unremarkable, I thought it had as much logic as anything, or what passes for logic, in WWE these days.

Shorty G and Ali continue to be spotlighted and linked with Roman Reigns, The New Day still rocks, and did an online interview hint about what's next (or NXT) for The Revival?

Also, in the beginning of the NXT invasion Triple H was all over that first SmackDown. He's been conspicuous by his absence. Is that a sign that NXT could fail at Survivor Series and disappear back to Full Sail without any follow up? Plus, thoughts on Rhea Ripley and how WWE artificially stretches out its storylines while AEW reset many wrestlers and feuds after Full Gear. 

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