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WOL Saturday: Stardom, WK14, Jim's story of beating death four times


It's the last Saturday WOL of 2019 and before Jim Valley flies to Tokyo for Wrestle Kingdom 14 and all the Observer's coverage.

My thoughts on situations making news in Stardom: the retirements of both Hazuki and Kagetsu and the fan reaction to the women's dark match at WK14.

Aubrey Edwards did more than just blaze a trail for female referees in AEW. She's also responsible for something that hasn't been seen regularly in US wrestling in probably decades. The issue that affects both WWE and Star Wars.

And, as requested, my health journey and struggles. The other week, I mentioned in passing on WOL how I almost died four times. That's 100 percent true. I'll tell you about my rare condition (that is in remission), the complications that almost killed me again, the personal struggles, advice for your life, and the real hero in this story.

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