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WOL Saturday: Was SmackDown a rerun?


It's the Saturday edition of Wrestling Observer Live with Jim Valley.

Week three of SmackDown on FOX and WWE isn't even back to normal. It's way less than that. To say this show was normal implies that they made an effort. It felt like they dusted off an old script, changed the names, and put on a show.

From an opening match where outside interference led to a main event, to a new heel blaming the fans, and a six-person match that led to a title shot. There was every tired segment cliche last night.

MVP Tweeted that nobody hates wrestling more than wrestling fans. I know some people who hate wrestling more. Also, AEW's relationship with its fans and AEW embraces what it is, the popularity of Riho and the potential for a Japanese women's wrestling revolution, Shorty G vs .Marko Stunt, Darby Allin, and more. 

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