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WOL Saturday: Why Jim thinks The Bellas are perfect for the WWE HOF


On SmackDown  it was announced that The Bellas are the latest inductees into the WWE Hall of Fame. Some fans are upset and I don't know why. The Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame has real criteria, voting by experts, and ballot percentages that must be met before a candidate can be inducted. For WWE, a company that says it, "puts smiles on faces," it is perfectly fine if its Hall of Fame is more of a Hall of Memories to make people feel good and nostalgic about the superstars and the company.

The Bellas are reality TV stars, crossover celebrities, and not everything they did in a wrestling ring was terrible. They have more positives than maybe you realize. Also, are traveling wrestling fans starting to feel the pinch, real vs. fake, new figures, and more. 

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