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WOL: Sempervive wraps up the weekend


Wrestling Observer Live with Mike Sempervive is back today talking all of the fallout from a busy weekend on the canvassed mat. Rey Mysterio’s possibly torn bicep, Cyborg and Ortega win big at UFC 222, Ring of Honor’s Manhattan Mayhem, WWE international business news, your calls, tweets, and much, much more. A fun show as always, so check it out~!

After the introduction, Mike talks about Rey Mysterio’s bicep tear that he suffered in a match this past Friday. There’s also talk about WWE looking to fill an Australian show, as well as a call on New Japan’s recruiting methods.

Mike talks about WWE’s deal with the Saudi government to run events in the future. A caller asks about what NXT is doing with Donovan Dijak. Another talks about CHIKARA’s latest stable.

Back from break, Mike talks about Manhattan Mayhem. A caller talks about the Women of Honor tournament and the short Brock Lesnar squash from over the weekend that left a lot of people mad. Another suggests Kane was squashed due to an injury. A couple of more questions WWE’s age demographics and the GAEA Girls documentary follow.

After the hour two break and intros, more calls are taken on Roman Reigns teaming with Paul Heyman and heel/face turns in pro wrestling.

Manhattan Mayhem took place over the weekend. One caller has a question about the event while Mike talks about the Honor Club and the issues some people have had thus far. Other call subjects include Bobby Lashley and Sami Callihan getting heat on Twitter.

One caller laments about John Cena never turning heel, saying that kayfabe is dead. Mike argues that there’s not much point of him turning heel -- what good would it do at this point in his career? Another caller asks about a possible move to Smackdown for Seth Rollins and why Bobby Roode is a face on the main roster. One caller has a question about New Japan and their title situation, primarily the Junior tag team titles that are switched way too often.

The last caller asks a question about Impact surviving 2018.


Intro, Rey Mysterio, calls: Start - 12:42

WWE/Saudi Arabia and calls: 12:42 - 23:48

More phone calls: 23:48 - 37:12

Roman Reigns and a possible heel turn: 41:17 - 51:03

Manhattan Mayhem, more calls: 51:03 - 1:02:26

John Cena, other calls: 1:02:26 - 1:16:38

Final segment: 1:16:38- end

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