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Wrestling Observer Live: WWE Crown Jewel main event, AEW Grand Slam preview

Joel Pearl from Fightful Overbooked joins Andrew Zarian for this week's show.

Joel Pearl of Fightful Overbooked joins me on the Sunday Wrestling Observer Live to talk the announced main event for WWE Crown Jewel and this week's AEW Grand Slam shows.

WWE announced Roman Reigns will defend the undisputed title against Logan Paul at Crown Jewel and the feedback has been polarizing. We discuss why doing this match might be beneficial by getting out of the so-called “wrestling bubble” and getting more casual eyes on the product.

WWE played White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane this weekend during a SmackDown commercial break and at a house show. We discuss the possibility that this might be the beginning of a Bray Wyatt return and what that might look like.

AEW is running Grand Slam this Wednesday in my backyard at Arthur Ashe Stadium. We run down the Dynamite & Rampage cards and what matches we are looking forward to the most. I also have some tips if you plan on going to the show.

Plus, NXT changes their logo again, and the possibility of NBC Universal and WBD merging in the future. 

Watch on YouTube above or click here to listen.