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Wrestling Observer Live: Quake by the Lake, WWE changes, and RJ City

On the Sunday edition of Wrestling Observer Live, Andrew Zarian is once again joined by Matt Ryan of Catytalst Wrestling to discuss the biggest stories in wrestling throughout the week.

The last few weeks have seen major changes in the WWE television product, with Triple H taking over creative. We discuss what is working and what the WWE product will look like going forward into next year's WrestleMania.

We also review AEW Quake by The Lake with thoughts on Dynamite and Rampage including Sonny Kiss’ heel turn, the coffin match, Moxey vs. Jericho, and the return of CM Punk. With these returns happening, how does it invigorate the product going forward?

In the final segment, RJ City from AEW joins the show to discuss his show "Hey (EW)" and how he got his start, his love for classic television, and even working with WWE.

All this and more! 

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