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Wrestling Observer Live: Austin, Cody, Big E, and more

Andrew is joined by Louis Dangoor as they discuss the top stories of the week.

On the Sunday edition of Wrestling Observer Live, Andrew Zarian is Joined by Louis Dangoor of talking the big stories of the week.

Scott Hall is currently on life support at a hospital in Georgia. We provide all the details we have thus far.

Big E had an unfortunate injury on this week’s Smackdown, suffering a broken neck. Although as bad as that appears to be, he got lucky.

There are also, thoughts on Stone Cold potentially getting physical at WrestleMania, as he has been added as Kevin Owens guest for the KO Show.

Will we see Cody Rhodes this week on Raw? We give our thoughts on if it will happen and if he really is coming to WWE.

Finally, a few thoughts on Rampage, Smackdown, and a man named “Butch”!

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