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Wrestling Observer Live: The world needs strong heels

Is MJF a good guy or bad guy? Why does it matter? Jim Valley discusses.

It's time for your pre-AEW Full Gear edition of Wrestling Observer Live.

Is MJF a good guy? Is MJF a bad guy? The past few weeks have been confusing. Fans don't know how to react to MJF heading into tonight's show. The world needs strong heels who create passion and interest. Babyfaces sell merch. Strong heels sell tickets. I discuss it all.

Plus, I talk about some of the news this past week including the NWA, Friday's Impact Over Drive and AEW Rampage, the New Japan/Stardom Historic X-Over and the teams being set for the men's WarGames match at next Saturday's WWE Survivor Series as Triple H has WWE firing on all cylinders. 

In addition to all that, I ask the question," Who are these wrestling managers?"

It's a packed show, so check it out.

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