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Wrestling Observer Live: Why is everyone in wrestling so mad?

Jim Valley recaps Friday's WWE SmackDown, AEW Rampage and this weekend's NWA 74.

On the Saturday edition of Wrestling Observer Live, I ask a simple question: Why is everyone so pissed off? 

We have had some amazing matches, title changes and events recently, but you would never know it because it seems like so many people are upset. 

Plus, will WWE Clash at the Castle be Drew McIntyre's SummerSlam '93? Just like Lex Luger, will McIntyre beat Roman Reigns to win the match, but not the Universal title? 

Also, it's been 25 years since the heyday of the NWO and graffiti in pro wrestling has somehow gotten worse. 

Plus, I talk WWE SmackDown, AEW Rampage, NWA 74 this weekend, Impact and more.

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