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Wrestling Observer Live: Why isn't good wrestling good enough anymore?

Jim Valley asks some questions about the future of pro wrestling

It's time for a Saturday edition of Wrestling Observer Live.

On this week's show:

  • Many fans say AEW Rampage is skippable. So, what does that say for the future of wrestling when good wrestling matches aren't enough to entice fans to watch anymore? We see good wrestling matches all of the time. Today's wrestling fans want moments: title changes, turns, debuts, surprise returns, incredible spots or sequences. Will we see wrestling become faster and moment-driven in the future? 
  • We talk about the news that broke late Friday night that Jun Akiyama will be making his AEW debut this Friday in a tag team match that is Eddie Kingston's dream.
  • Plus, I talk Friday's WWE SmackDown, Tribute to the Troops, NWA Hard Times 3, Jeff Jarrett and more.

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