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Wrestling Observer Live: WWE SmackDown & G1 kickoff recaps, Keiji Muto's farewell

Jim Valley talks about Friday's news and happenings in pro wrestling.

It's time for the Saturday Wrestling Observer Live with a lot to talk about.

The build to this month's WWE SummerSlam continues as the rematch between The Usos vs. The Street Profits is set for the undisputed Tag Team titles. We talk about that and more from Friday's SmackDown including the return of (yes) Jeff Jarrett.

Additional topics today:

  • The world title match is set for ROH Death Before Dishonor
  • Is TV-14 back in WWE?
  • The G1 Climax kicks off in NJPW
  • Keiji Muto begins his farewell in NOAH
  • Is there more wrestling content than possible angles and storylines? Does it feel like things like dressing up like your opponent and contract signings come around too often to have any real impact? 

We talk about this and more on today's show.

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