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11/15 WOR Special: DKPBANF4WWON Alan4Limite


Celebrating a decade since the PPH began kicking it like an angry Kawada, Mike Sempervive is joined by Alan4L to talk ALL OF THE CONTINENTS. The main topics today are the Tenryu retirement show and the scene in Europe, with sidebars galore. Tenryu memories, indy sleaze, Satomura love, bumping 73 year olds, Big Japan-Strong BJ greatness, Fujita fail, the scene for promotions in Europe, some wrestlers of note, Marty can’t help but Party, Alan’s announcing exploits, comparing Rousey to Hingis, and so much more. Not really sure what it should be called, but it’s a THREE HOUR DKPBANF4WWON epic event!

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