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Apr 27 Observer Radio: TWO HOUR SUPERSHOW with Mick Foley, Colt Cabana and Mike Coughlin

Sick of shows yet? Too bad. Wrestling Observer Radio returns today with a TWO HOUR SHOW. We're joined by THREE GUESTS today; Mick Foley is on to talk his newest book, his RAINN charity, how you can get him to mow your lawn, Jericho on Dancing with the Stars, the TNA DVD, Rock's birthday and more. Colt Cabana then joins us to talk ROH, WWE Developmental, his Wrestling Road Diaries DVD and how you can get a copy autographed by both himself and Bryan Danielson (not Daniel Bryan). And finally, Mike Coughlin joins us to preview UFC in Toronto. A packed, packed show, and no, this one is not free.

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