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Aug 11 Observer Radio: A 90-minute look at the final night (and overall) of New Japan's G-1 Climax

Aug 11 Wrestling Observer Radio: Hey, forget about what Tomohiro Ishii and Hirooki Goto are doing to their bodies during New Japan's 23rd annual G-1 Climax tournament - what about Dave and Mike? We pulled the best All Nighter since Susanna Hoffs danced in front of that mirror in her underwear, and we're back to talk all about it (The G-1, not the Bangal). Did the final night live up to everyone's lofty expectations and the company's own standards? (Hint: Yes.) What about the night before? (You know the answer.) Is it good to watch 9 shows in 11 days?, Who were the league's MVP candidates, great booking of Tetsuya Naito, his rivalry with Tanahashi, questionable Okada/World champion booking, too much parity?, does Devitt's act wear thin?, plus brief thoughts on last night's World Series of Fighting, War Machine's stupidity, and more!

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