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August 10 Observer Radio SIN LIMITE returns with 2.5 hours of everything

Wrestling Observer SIN LIMITE returns with Dave Meltzer and Mike Sempervive talking all the news in pro wrestling and MMA. Two-and-a-half hours of audio (which, after the fact, was cut into two parts because IT'S SO BIG, as well as being lo-fi due to being out of the office), beginning with the great main event that finished off the spectacular New Japan G-1 Climax tournament. It was a shaky last couple days, featuring some great matches - but also some questionable decision making, and we go over it all: the future of the company - Kazuchika Okada - wins his second G-1 final over Shinsuke Nakamura. Hiroshi Tanahashi knocks off A.J. Styles in in the semi-main with a very controversial ending. Answering a common question over the last year: has the Bullet Club jumped the shark? What do Jeff Jarrett and Scott D'Amore bring to the table? Tanahashi, Togi Makabe and Tomohiro Ishii's physical condition. An upcoming Yujiro-YOSHI-HASHI Never title program? The Vampire Chicken Tomoaki Honma. The very rushed preliminary bouts ending with a fantastic IWGP junior tag title match with Time Splitters and reDragon, and so much more. Plus, Alberto Del Rio's firing, what caused it, was it just?, his WWE postmortem and what may be next. Is the Nevada State Athletic Commission over-stepping its bounds when it comes to Chael Sonnen, and did Metamoris make a big mistake letting him grapple? The pathetic situation involving War Machine: a bad guy in so many ways. And then a big dip into the mailbag, with questions including - but not limited to: could Brock go back to UFC?, race, Bob Sapp in WWE, the story of Tanahashi and Nakamura. Did Heyman believe ECWWE could really succeed in 2006? Rating Sean Waltman. Vince Russo, the Blackjacks and the 1997 All Japan tag title tournament. Proof a "loser" can still draw, and much, much more.

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