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August 11 2009 Wrestling Observer

It's the bi-weekly FREE edition of Wrestling Observer Radio~! Dave Meltzer and I are back tonight with a packed MMA/wrestling show. We'll open with a long discussion of the doom of Nick Diaz, including tons of details about what happened and counters to a lot of the poorly thought-out arguments out there. We'll also discuss Raw from last night, a poorly thought-out episode of the show with very little of any value two weeks before SummerSlam. Best of all, it's FREE, so please post the link or file elsewhere and help spread the word about! And if you love the show please consider signing up as this is one of three shows minimum that Dave and I do per week in addition to nearly a dozen other programs, plus full radio and newsletter archives dating back to 2005. It's a steal for $9.99 per month, so sign up now!

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