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August 7 Surprise Observer SIN LIMITE: Part 2 - Dave and Mike talk the amazing G-1 and answering ?'s

After all of the hot action, emotion, and tingly feelings all over your bodies, we're almost at the end of the greatest Climax we've ever experienced. And not one thing typed there could be considered a double entendre. In the 70-minute part two of the impromptu Observer Radio SIN LIMITE, Dave and Mike talk New Japan's amazing G-1 Climax tournament, which wraps up with shows early Friday and Sunday morning (EDT) and. We take a look at how they got here, and where they could be going. So many possibilities for the next few months, as well as well into 2015. The amazing and awfully painful looking performances of Tomoaki Honma and Tomohiro Ishii, who is coming up short in the tournament?, Jado and Gedo as possible Hall of Fame bookers?, and a ton more. Plus, a dip into the mailbag with subjects like Rick Martel, the story of Curt Hennig winning the AWA title, the bit players in Vince-Trump, Ambrose-Rollins, "bicycling" television tapes in the territory days, what is the level of Paul Heyman's shadiness, and much more!

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