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December 1 2008 Wrestling Observer

We're back with our bi-weekly FREE edition of Wrestling Observer Radio! Tonight we've got nothing but discussion about a number of subjects, including last night's Raw, next week's three-hour show, the Armageddon PPV, Ultimate Fighter, the future of both boxing and MMA, Bruce Prichard and his departure from WWE, some real-world stuff including thoughts on the economy and how this ties into pro-wrestling, and so much more! If you love this show it's one of a minimum THREE that Dave and I do per week, and one of over FIFTEEN different audio programs produced weekly for members only. If you sign up you also get full access to our radio show archives dating back to 2005, which contains thousands of radio shows, plus new and archived issues of the Wrestling Observer and Figure Four Weekly. Feel free to post the link or file elsewhere and help spread the word about!

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