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December 15 2009 Wrestling Observer

Wrestling Observer Radio with Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer returns today with a packed FREE show~! We've got THREE HOURS of Raw to discuss. It was a lame show but at least it was newsworthy. We'll talk Bret Hart, Jim Ross, short horrible matches, Shawn vs. Taker II, Dennis Miller, and tons more. We've also got news on UFC/WEC/Zuffa plus your emails on tons of different subjects. Best of all it's FREE, so please post the link or file elsewhere and help spread the word about! And if you like what you hear, consider signing up for a subscription as Dave and I do 3-4 shows per week in addition to the other 10-12 brand new shows, plus members have full access to our thousands of hours of audio and hundreds of new and archived Wrestling Observer and Figure Four Newsletters. It's a steal, so sign up and join the fun! Only at

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