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Jan. 11 Wrestling Observer Radio SIN LIMITE - Part 2: 140 minutes of EVERYTHING

Wrestling Observer Radio SIN LIMITE with Dave Meltzer and Mike Sempervive talking all of the news in pro wrestling and MMA is finally back, and boy do we make up for lost time. Part two clocks in at ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY MINUTES. It's as eclectic a cavalcade as we've ever done (and that's saying something). We start with Roller Derby and the passing of legendary star Annis "Big Red" Jensen. Some seriously interesting history and very fun stories. Was there ever any prowres interest in the personalities?, possibly the world's most fun fun couple all-time all-your-lives: Ann Calvello and Ray Stevens, and so much more. And then we get into so many of your questions in the mighty mailbag. Topics include, but aren't limited to: Weekly Pro's eclectic 13 promotion show in 1995, how Jericho got his job with WCW, Muta-Vader PILLOW MANIA, fact checking Hogan stories from Jericho's podcast, GSP, Shamrock's near-IWGP title run, lots of Japanese history, the history of the Indianapolis territory, Del Wilkes and the idea behind The Patriot, FMW's influence on ECW, the amazing Aaron Pico and why people should know the name, Triple H's 2001 return, Mistico, Murdoch and Masked Superstar, Dory Junior and Jack Brisco, Hoost-Sapp in K1, and so much more.

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