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June 15 Wrestling Observer Radio: Dave Batista talks WWE career, relationship with Flair and HHH, Strikeforce negotiations, starting a BJJ school, tons more

Wrestling Observer Radio with Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez is back today with Dave Batista to talk his entire career, including breaking into the business and being run off by WCW, his OVW run, Deacon Dave, getting put into Evolution, riding the roads with Flair and Hunter, his Mania program with HHH, WWE's drug testing policy and how humiliating it was, his final days in the company, training for MMA and almost getting a fight with Strikeforce, his relationship with Dana White, getting into jiu jitsu, the new gym he's opening this Saturday in Tampa, FL, and how you can attend, plus injuries, best and worst matches, and, yes, memories of the PUNJABI PRISON. Also, his awesome clothes.

A great show with Big Dave, so check it out~!

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