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Mar 24 Observer Radio SIN LIMITE - Pt. 3: featuring Filthy Tom Lawlor

Back again - for the first time tonight - Wrestling Observer Radio SIN LIMITE begins your week with our third and final microphone performance. This time around Dave and Mike are joined by everyone's favorite UFC lower midcarder FILTHY TOM LAWLOR for an hour of power talk. We kick around all of this past weekend's events including a great UFC Fight Night 38: The stoppages and underdogs show, how long can Hendo go on?, thoughts on the booking of the New Japan Cup, wasted away again in Nakanishi Land, Nakamazing, our feelings on the coverage of the NCAA wrestling finals, the WWE Network, ring entrances,  WrestleMania, Mike learns about the life of Lawlor, and a bunch more too. Like the jujitsu practitioner boss man would say: A fun show, so check it out~!

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