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Mar 6 Observer Radio: Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer talk Raw from Monday night, Rock vs. Cena, Michaels and HHH, ROH 10th anniversary iPPV report, Furnas update, Miesha's arm, Josh Barnett hearing, Dave on the Canadian Medical Assoc., tons more!

Wrestling Observer Radio with Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer returns tonight with a giant one-hour-plus show talking all the news in wrestling and MMA including Raw from Monday night, the latest from John Cena and the Rock, Shawn Michaels and whether the SECRET PLAN is going into effect after one year, thoughts on the ROH 10th Anniversary iPPV show, update on Miesha Tate's arm, Dave rant on Canadian Medical Association's stance on UFC, Doug Furnas' coroner speaks, the Josh Barnett hearing and fallout, and tons more. A gigantic show so check it out~!

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