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Nov. 21 Observer Radio: 2.5 hours of Observer HALL OF FAME Sin Limite

Wrestling Observer Radio returns today with a special edition where we talk about the 2014 HALL OF FAME. After a little discussion about the Global Wrestling Championships, it's 2.5 hours of Dave & Mike (which, unintentionally, makes it a SIN LIMITE automatically) talking about this years inductees into the WON Hall of Fame, the rule changes, who looks promising next year, surprising drops in support, Ole, Volk Han, Tamura, Nagata, Big Daddy, Pallo, Punk, Edge, Crockett or Scott, and answering tons of your questions - like should there be a MMA Hall of Fame, and about a million others! Audio recorded late at night, that goes all night, is the best kind of audio, isn't it? ENJOY~!

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