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November 1 2009 Wrestling Observer

It's the weekend edition of Wrestling Observer Radio with Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez! We've got a huge show tonight as we'll discuss the latest in the Hulk Hogan/TNA saga, why the folks at TNA are worried, Hogan's history with non-WWE companies, what he's telling friends about his involvement, when he's expected to make his TV debut, his appearances this week and non-mention of TNA, comments on his new book, and more! Also, UFC's latest main event problems, what fights are being postponed and until when, Ultimate Fighter greatness from Thursday, Impact thoughts from Dave, plus your calls and mailbag questions on every subject from the first pro-wrestling run-ins to what will happen if Vince McMahon dies and HHH and Steph take over. A packed show, so check it out!

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