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September 14 Observer Radio: Epic 2+ HOUR SIN LIMITE - Where we touch on EVERYTHING~!

Wrestling Observer Radio returns with Dave Meltzer and Mike Sempervive talking all of the news in wrestling & mixed martial arts - and then some. It's an unintentional 130-minute SIN LIMITE, and we spare no topic. Some include, but aren't limited to: a terrible Mayweather-Maidana II PPV show and its fallout, a pedestrian UFC Fight Night in Brasilia, what could come next for Bigfoot & Arvloski?, upcoming Fight Pass-A-Mania & 178, UFC's aesthetics, the NXT scene in Orlando, Jordan Burroughs and the oncoming NCAA wrestling season, last night's Evolve 34, New Japan's upcoming big shows & who could do English announcing, talk about Hall of Fame (with a special look at Jerry Jarrett), Bob Armstrong, 1984 Steve Williams, Ted Dibiase, Pro Wrestling USA & Jack Reynolds as Rick Rude, the upheaval of 1984, & then YOUR QUESTIONS. On everything from dying territories (including looks at Amarillo, L.A., Portland, Detroit - and an extended look at San Francisco), discipline billings of MMA fighters, All Japan Women, Heyman v. Russo, pure arrogance and hell of 1998-00 WCW, importance of Chicago wrestling & so much more. It's the radio show that has no shame in admitting its love for I LIKE TO HURT PEOPLE, it's Wrestling Observer SIN LIMITE. Enjoy~!

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