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WOR: All Elite Wrestling, Chuck vs. Tito, Creed 2, more


It's Wrestling Observer Radio with Dave Meltzer and myself, guest co-host Garrett Gonzales. Welcome to all of our new subscribers after our Black Friday sale.

Dave and I follow up on the All Elite Wrestling trademark story, following up on what he wrote in the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer. We talk about Tony Khan's background, the Young Bucks being a major key to whether or not the project gets off the ground, how AEW is different from other wrestling startups like Global Force, TV/media rights, and whether other players are connected. I also give my thoughts on startups as I've been involved in a few tech startups of my own.

We then talk about Chuck vs. Tito 3, an old Death of WCW question relating to whether or not AOL/Time Warner wanted wrestling, and then give our thoughts on Creed 2 and compare it with the rest of the Rocky movie saga.

Start -21:13: All Elite Wrestling trademarks
21:13 - 33:03: Why they need to worry about TV, streaming deals
33:03 - 39:04: Garrett’s own experiences starting up a company
39:04 - 53:32: Mailbag relating to AWE
53:32 - 1:03:44: Chuck vs. Tito
1:03:44 - 1:16:49: Eric Bischoff claims AOL Time Warner killed WCW
1:16:49 - end: Creed II review

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