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WOR: Crown Jewel thoughts, Power Struggle preview, more



It's a Friday Night edition of Wrestling Observer Radio with Dave Meltzer and myself, guest co-host Garrett Gonzales.

Dave and I go over all of the latest news surrounding Friday's WWE Crown Jewel results, ncluding Dave's Observer story on Daniel Bryan and his decision to not go to Saudi Arabia, Shane McMahon winning the World Cup, what's up with new Universal Champion Brock Lesnar, and the injuries coming out of the main event between DX and The Brothers of Destruction.

We also talk about how Lesnar, Daniel Cormier, Lesnar, and Jon Jones are all tied into the key shows of UFC's final months of 2018 heading into 2019. We wrap up going over the latest information on the possibility of All In 2 and then preview both NJPW Power Struggle and UFC 230.

Start - 18:37: Crown Jewel main event, Brock Lesnar
18:37 - 28:19: Shane McMahon wins World Cup
28:19 - 40:51: Daniel Bryan’s decision not to go
40:51 - 1:02:24: Rundown of Crown Jewel
1:02:24 - 1:10:18: All In 2 speculation
1:10:18 - 1:12:30: Power Struggle preview
1:12:30 - 1:18:20: Jones/Gustafsson presser, UFC 230 preview
1:18:20 - end: Jericho cruise

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