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WOR: The Dave Meltzer and Fumi Saito Toudoukan Q&A


We are back with a very special and long-awaited episode of Wrestling Observer Radio: the Q&A session prior to Wrestle Kingdom 14 with Dave Meltzer and Fumi Saito.

This was recorded January 4, 2020, at Toudoukan, a combat sports store in Japan with a focus on pro wrestling, MMA, and even some boxing. With two stories of merchandise like figures, rare autographs, ring quality masks, title belts, ring work gear and much more, Dave compares it to Disneyland for pro wrestling fans.

Dave and Fumi spent a little under an hour answering questions about New Japan, AEW, influential foreign stars, WCW, Ring of Honor, and more. You'll also hear Fumi translate some of the questions and answers in Japanese for some local fans.

It was a great event and we owe a big thanks to Wrestling Travel for putting it on and all of the fans who came out. I know Dave, Fumi and I really enjoyed meeting all of you and hopefully we can do something like this again. 

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