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WOR: Dave Meltzer tours the Giant Baba exhibit in Tokyo


It's a unique episode of Wrestling Observer Radio as Jim Valley decided at the last moment to interview Dave Meltzer as he toured the Giant Baba Memorial Exhibit inside Tokyu department store in the Shibuya area of Tokyo.

Dave and Jim walk through the exhibit and describe the many wrestling posters on the walls and run down some of the matches. Dave also talks about all three original Triple Crown Championship title belts and the original World League trophy dating back to Rikidozan. In addition, we get Dave's thoughts on Baba's career, his greatest opponents and most famous matches, his early baseball career, and more.

If that wasn't enough, we met a 75-year-old man who watched both Baba and Rikidozan wrestle. He offers some background and information that even Dave Meltzer himself didn't know. 

The audio is unscripted, unplanned, and unedited. It's literally a spur of the moment idea that I had. I hope you enjoy this and learn more about one of the most important figures in all of pro wrestling history. 

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