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WOR: eYada memories, Del Wilkes, AEW ratings


Photo via Eyada Alumni Facebook Page

Dave Meltzer and I are back with Wrestling Observer Radio.

We discuss the AEW ratings from last Saturday and this past Wednesday night. We look at three young babyfaces in AEW who delivered in big moments over their last two shows. We also talk about Del Wilkes, who passed away on July 1. 

There's also discussion on Mike Tyson and Triller as well as the person who looks to be the successor to Ariel Helwani at ESPN. And then we have a fun discussion on eYada as it is almost 20 years since it shut down. We talk about favorite guests, how Dave did the show when Bryan Alvarez came along, and how that show relates to the current website. The eYada conversation starts at about the 52-minute mark.

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