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WOR: Gene Okerlund, AEW, Wrestle Kingdom 13, more


Wrestling Observer Radio with Dave Meltzer and myself, guest co-host Garrett Gonzales, is back with a pre-Wrestle Kingdom 13 edition of the show. 

We discuss the political scene in Japan with representatives from New Japan, ROH, and All Elite scheduled to meet to discuss working together. We go over the Double or Nothing rally in Jacksonville next week. We talk about all the shows that Dave has seen in Japan thus far, including Big Japan, All Japan, and Stardom. Dave talks a lot about "Mean" Gene Okerlund and what he meant to the wrestling industry. 

Lastly, we go over Wrestle Kingdom 13 and look at who may steal the show, who has the most pressure on them, and what we can read into about future business based on the finishes.


Start - 8:11: Wrestle Kingdom 13 buzz, AEW/NJPW/ROH
8:11 - 10:20: Stardom USA notes, Americanizing Japanese wrestling
10:20 - 14:20: More on what’s going on with AEW, NJPW and ROH
14:20 - 22:25: Double or Nothing rally going head to head with SmackDown, more on Double or Nothing
22:25 - 34:02: Matches Dave has watched
34:02 - 50:33: Mean Gene Okerlund
50:33 - 1:04:55: The Mayweather fight wasn’t fixed
1:04:55 - end: One last Wrestle Kingdom 13 rundown

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