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WOR: Jerry Jarrett on WCW, Jerry Lawler, working for Vince McMahon


Wrestling Observer Radio with Dave Meltzer and myself, guest co-host Garrett Gonzales, is back.

Dave updates some news items from yesterday and we talk about The Young Bucks and The Lucha Bros, Bruce Prichard, GSP and money matches that were still out there, and Gennady Golovkin closing in on a big deal with DAZN.

Then, we bring on 2018 Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame inductee Jerry Jarrett to discuss his new podcast Booking Memphis With Jerry Jarrett. We hit on a number of topics, including Bruce Prichard, his attempt to be a part of a deal to buy WCW, Jerry Lawler, and working for Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff.

Start - 1:42: Injury updates
1:42 - 4:33: Young Bucks appear at AAW, WrestleMania weekend
4:33 - 9:06: 5th anniversary of WWE Network
9:06 - 10:10: Anthony Joshua
10:10 - 14:45: GSP/Khabib
14:45 - 23:40: More on Bruce Prichard
23:40 - end: Jerry Jarrett

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