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WOR: Kenny Omega on AEW EVP role, Moxley match, much more


On this edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Kenny Omega joins Dave Meltzer and Jim Valley to discuss virtually every newsworthy topic.

Kenny elaborates on his EVP role in AEW, his duties, schedule, and how it affects his wrestling and match preparation. Kenny also talks about his early influences and how All Japan Women had an influence on him as a teenager.

Omega goes in-depth about his now-famous match at Full Gear against Jon Moxley: the physical effects, what hurt the most, and what he will never do again. He also discusses what he feels is harming AEW, the future of the women's division, the success of Riho, and fighting for the women's division.

In addition, Kenny's thoughts on ratings, NXT, Impact, Jim Cornette, buyrates, and much, much more. An amazingly candid interview that asks virtually every question you would have for Kenny Omega. 

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