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WOR: Kim Wood on Brian Pillman, Dark Side of the Ring


Photo via @WrestlingIsKing on Twitter

Dave Meltzer and I are back with Wrestling Observer Radio. Joining us is Kim Wood to talk about Brian Pillman and the Dark Side of the Ring season opener.

Kim talks about his participation in the episode and then he and Dave go into old stories about Pillman. Kim gives his thoughts on who were the strongest interviews from the episode as well as Eric Bischoff's participation. 

Kim talks about his interest in conmen and his history with pro wrestling. They talk about their memories from the wake and funeral for Pillman. Kim even brings up stories about Dave from many years ago. 

We didn't have room on this show for all the listener questions, so instead, we'll put Dave's answers to those my podcast, The Fight Game Podcast which goes up Thursday morning.

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