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WOR: Koji Kitao, John Cena-WrestleMania, WWE news


Wrestling Observer Radio with Dave Meltzer and myself, guest co-host Garrett Gonzales, is back. 

We begin the show talking about the death of Koji Kitao. Dave goes over a lot of his career from sumo to pro wrestling to MMA. 

We then discuss WWE news including John Cena's role at WrestleMania. We move onto non-WWE topics such as the situation with the Dragon Gate wrestlers having to miss WrestleCon, Endeavor's hopes of going public, Bellator, ONE FC, and the reaction to the Kenny Omega documentary.

We finish of the show with more WWE news about Linda McMahon, Tommaso Ciampa, Luke Harper, Goldust, the famous Bret Hart vs. Tom Magee, and Dave's thoughts on the best WrestleMania matches. 

Start - 26:40: Koji Kitao
26:40 - 29:56: John Cena and WrestleMania
29:56 - 38:26: Battle royals update, WWE/G1, AAA and WWE at MSG
38:26 - 43:20: Endeavor reportedly going public
43:20 - 51:21: Response to the Kenny Omega documentary
51:21 - 53:03: Viceland wrestling documentaries trailer
53:03 - 59:58: Bellator, more MMA notes
59:58 - 1:04:24: Vince gets more stock money for Alpha Entertainment
1:04:24 - 1:08:52: Takeover going to San Jose in June
1:08:52 - 1:09:48: Linda McMahon steps down as SBA
1:09:48 - 1:18:12: Triple H on Ciampa, Goldust denies WWE release, James Wilder Jr.
1:18:12 - 1:23:27: Double or Nothing vs. All In
1:23:27 - end : The Tom Magee/Bret Hart match may be coming to light

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