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WOR: The life and legacy of Harley Race


On a very special Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer, Fumi Saito, and I talk about the legacy of Harley Race -- one of the greatest pro wrestlers and champions of all time.

Race was a star all over the world and this show brings that into perspective. Dave talks about how getting kicked out of school led Race into the world of professional wrestling, taking care of 600 lb Happy Humphrey. We follow his career from the Central States to becoming half of one of the most successful tag teams in AWA history with Larry Hennig.

In the 1970s, Race would go from being one of the most respected wrestlers by his peers to one of the greatest NWA Champions. In Japan, he was known as "Mr. Pro Wrestling." If you only know Race as The King or Vader's manager, you will likely learn a lot from this show. 

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