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WOR: NXT, SmackDown on Fox, AEW Tag title tournament, BOLA


Wrestling Observer Radio with Dave Meltzer and myself, guest co-host Garrett Gonzales, is back. 

We watched the first NXT on USA together and recap the show. Because of WWE Network issues, we didn't get to watch the second hour. We discuss the TV situation in Canada for both NXT and AEW's shows.

We talk about Kofi Kingston defending his title on the first Smackdown on Fox show as well as all the other WWE programming that will be on Fox leading up. Dave answers a question many have had about both Smackdown and AEW when it comes to being live on the West Coast. We recap Tuesday's Smackdown, talk WWE ratings, look at AEW's tag title tourney bracket, and then preview both New Japan's show and BOLA for this weekend. 

Lastly, Dave talks about what the Wrestling Observer Newsletter deadline schedule could be when AEW and NXT go head to head.

Start - 18:40: NXT
18:40 - 20:21: Kofi Kingston vs. Brock Lesnar
20:21 - 21:30: NXT and AEW in Canada
21:30 - 29:50: FOX's upcoming plans for SmackDown, SD not going to be live on West Coast, more on NXT
29:50 - 35:13: SmackDown
35:13 - 38:19: Ratings
38:19 - 42:40: AEW tag title tournament brackets 
42:40 - 45:23: NJPW Destruction
45:23 - 48:24: AAA PPV numbers
48:24 - 55:33: BOLA
55:33 - 1:00:11: Boxing
1:00:11 - end: A busy next few weeks

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