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WOR: Paco Alonso, Tessa vs. Sami, UFC 239 fallout, more G1 Dallas thoughts


Wrestling Observer Radio with Dave Meltzer and myself, guest co-host Garrett Gonzales, is back. 

This is our third show together for the weekend. We first talk about the passing of CMLL president, Paco Alonso. Because of the news of Alonso's passing and having to record earlier than normal, we didn't get the chance watch the Impact PPV, but I did get to watch the main event and we go over it.

We look at the fallout from UFC 239 including injuries from the show as well as the scoring of the main event. I talk about my thoughts on the G1 opener from Dallas. We then quickly go over a few more stories including Jacob Fatu winning the MLW title, Don Wright's home burning down and the donations, a bit more on the Sting vs. Undertaker social media discussion, and lastly, the formation of the nWo 23 years ago. 

Start - 9:14: Paco Alonso passes away
9:14 - 16:10: Slammiversary main event
16:10 - 29:25: UFC fallout
29:25 - 38:08: More G1 thoughts
38:08 - 45:00: Notes on Jacob Fatu, Don Wright, Sting/Undertaker dream match 
45:00 - 51:10: Anniversary of the day Hogan joined the nWo
51:10 - end: Next weekend, Uriah Faber memories

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