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WOR: SmackDown, Vince countersuit, ratings


Image: WWE

Dave and I are back on Wrestling Observer Radio. No guest this weekend as we just shoot the stuff on a whole bunch of topics.

We talk about Dave's mom's memorial, what happened on Smackdown with Roman Reigns and Adam Pearce, Donald Trump, Linda McMahon, and how the situation at the Capitol building affected Wednesday's ratings. We also talk about Jeff Cobb, ESPN's rumored TV deal with Major League Baseball, Vince McMahon's countersuit against Oliver Luck, and Dave's experience being interviewed for one of A&E's WWE documentaries.

Start: A busy week, Dave on his mother's memorial
8:32: SmackDown and Adam Pearce
16:06: Capitol mob attack, general bad news of last year discussion
26:15: Linda McMahon
33:27: Ratings 
46:12: Jay White
54:50: Vince Countersuit
59:09: A&E documentaries
1:06:08: Irwin Rivera

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