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WOR: WWE booking, road to Fastlane, The Undertaker


Wrestling Observer Radio with Dave Meltzer and myself, guest co-host Garrett Gonzales, is back. This is a very WWE news heavy show. We talk about why Raw was booked the way it was and some reasons why Vince McMahon may be frustrated. We discuss the news coming out of Smackdown Live, but Dave and Bryan will have a review of the show tomorrow night. We look at the NXT guys who recently came up and what their schedules may be like in the near future. And then we try and figure out what the Fastlane card is so far.

Dave talks about what he's seen from the Giant Baba Memorial Show, his early thoughts on Will Ospreay versus PAC, and finally we end with a question about the Phil Donahue episode.

Start - 21:00: The story behind Raw’s hotshot booking
21:00 - 24:44: Batista, Tye Dillinger asks for release
24:44 - 26:08: 205 Live, NXT announcements, Fastlane card 
26:08 - 29:16: Gastelum/Adesanya interim title fight reported, Paul Felder
29:16 - 32:35: CMLL to Televisa
32:54 - 40:22: Giant Baba memorial show
40:44 - 44:06: Ospreay vs. PAC
44:06 - 51:34: Steroid discussion from last night
51:34 - 57:08: AAF troubles
57:08 - end: Mailbag questions

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