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Wrestling Observer Live 4/13: Talking Training and More with Les Thatcher~!

Mike Sempervive is back in the BIG BOY CHAIR today, with Victor Sosa riding shotgun.  Today, we manage to stuff Les Thatcher in the backseat to talk about his experiences as a pro wrestling trainer, how he and his methods have evolved over the years, the kinds of things aspiring wrestlers should be looking for in a trainer, and how you can work with Les if you’re just getting started or you want to polish your game!  A fun show, so check it out~!  One more thing: I should point out that I (Vic) recorded this show on my home equipment so we could post the show quickly.  My home studio isn’t exactly on par with Bryan’s awesome setup, so I apologize for some glitches, but on the bright side, I did spare you the catheter commercials~!

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