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7/24 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: Hogan, Taker/Lesnar bigger picture, mailbag, much more~!

The actual quotes attributed to Hulk Hogan today were released while Les and I were recording this show, so we had not seen them nor did we reference the actual quotes on this show. We talked Hogan from the perspective of the perception issues WWE has having Hogan as such a big part of their history and now their rush to distance themselves from him.  We also talked about why Lesnar/Undertaker may move the needle in the short term, but there are tons of inherent problems with WWE that have not gotten a lot of mention this week that put them in the position of having to go with this program at this point.  We also answer your question on Tough Enough, what Les would do if he were running ROH and was faced with WWE trying to do them harm, how Les would book it if NJPW and WWE made a deal to exchange talent regularly and more.  Thanks for listening and have a great weekend~!

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