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9/11 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: Bayley/Sasha 2, Kurt Angle's Future, Mailbag, much more~!

Les and Vic return on this opening weekend for the NFL to talk….a 30 minute IRONWOMAN match at the next NXT Takeover!  Well, that’s part of the fun today; we’ll also look at Kurt Angle’s recent comments regarding his future and answer your questions about cats & dogs (seriously), the upcoming Mr. Olympia competition (not the guy from Mid South wrestling in the 80’s), what WWE can do to boost falling ratings, and the unfortunate lot in life enhancement talent in the territory days when they perhaps had bigger plans for their career.  And one more thing: what you can do today (or anytime, really) to honor those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.  Have a great weekend and thanks for listening~!

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