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Apr. 21 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly:Lots from Cauliflower Alley, Lessons for young workers, more~!

Live from the gas station, it's Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly!  Victor Sosa, Will Strause and Les Thatcher are back and talking a lot about Les' trip to Las Vegas for the Cauliflower Alley Club event.  That discussion and a couple of questions for the board make up about 75% of the show. We caught Will en route to making some big ca$h at an indie show (he refused to cut us in, by the way), so he's only present for the first quarter of the show.  In that time, we discussed HAIRCUTS~!, a little bit on Raw, and the future of Eric B....well, I'm not sure we can say his full name without being bleeped.  You're always welcome to stop by our thread in the radio shows section of the board to share your thoughts and pick up a few extras as well!

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