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April 14 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: Brock/Cena, Clutter, Angry Emails, Board Q&A, more~!

Will Strause is away on business, so Victor Sosa and Les Thatcher return to review the week that brought legitimacy back to the WWE!  Unfortunately, it did not bring back more viewers.  That is among the topics discussed today, along with whether it's too soon to book Brock in a match, and lots of other Brock/Cena related material. Les talks a bit about the discussion of clutter on last week's Raw which came up in our thread on the board, as well as an interesting email he received thanks to our discussion of Planet Fitness.  We answer a few questions from the board too, and wrap with some more about Les' trip to Las Vegas this week for the Cauliflower Alley Club reunion.  You can check out their site at  Also, feel free to share your thoughts with us in our thread in the radio shows section of the f4w board and get a few extras too!

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